Repair, maintenance, formatting and other solutions to computer problems

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Slowdown: A computer slowdown may be due to more than one reason. Memory (RAM) may be insufficient, the hard disk may be full, or there may be a software problem.

Blue Screen Error (BSOD): This is usually caused by hardware or software incompatibility. It may be caused by driver issues, memory errors, or hardware malfunctions.

Connection Problems: There may be problems with the Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. There may be modem, router or network card problems.

Virus or Malware: Your computer may contain viruses or malware. This may cause the computer to slow down, data loss, or theft of confidential information.

Slow Startup: A computer booting up for a long time can happen for many reasons, ranging from bad sectors on the hard drive to a program automatically starting at startup or being infected by a virus.

Software Incompatibility: After installing new software, situations may arise where the computer is not compatible with other programs. This can cause various errors and crashes.

Hardware Failures: Hardware components may fail. This could mean physical damage to the motherboard, processor, RAM, hard drive, or other components.

Screen Problems: Display problems may occur on the monitor. It could be due to cable connections, video card issues, or a malfunction in the display itself.

Are you facing any of these issues or is there another issue? If you want to help you and need more information or technical support, call us.

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